Join The Florida Home Watch Association

logo_150x150Who are we? A group of professional Home Watch companies in Florida, pooling our efforts in order to market both our individual businesses and the Florida Home Watch industry in general.

We believe that based on current market trends there are enough clients for EVERY member and that lead generation and referrals are key to building our businesses.

Through monitored and managed distribution, referrals from this association will help build the member’s business and in turn the association.

Referrals between members are common and actually one of the key benefits of being a member of the association.

Another benefit of membership is our marketing strategies and our providing top search engine placement of this website with the sole purpose of generating leads for the membership.

Membership is FREE, your only requirement is to provide continued proof of insurance and bonding certificates yearly. Your membership guarantees your home watch business information will be shown on your “primary” county of service page.

This ensures if a prospective customer researches the county where there home is located on this website, your business will be one of the businesses displayed. The potential customer will then have the choice to contact you from this information.

Supporting Membership Benefits

Supporting members of our association enjoy several primary benefits that free members do not:

  • Highlighted listings on up to 5 counties they may service
  • Only supporting members are provided licensing permission to use the FHWA logo on their website
    • All members can state they are members in good standing AND link to the FHWA website as proof
  • First right of refusal of any potential client contacts directed to FHWA through this website
    • Supporting members provide funds which we use to keep the associations website at the top of Google’s paid advertising tool AdWords. It is only fair that they be given the first option on these leads.
    • If there are no paid advertisers within the area of potential customer interest, the lead will be provided to the other members within that area at the very same time. It is then the member’s responsibility to contact the potential customer understanding this contact is time sensitive.

Becoming A Supporting Member

To become a supporting member you pay $49.95 each quarter. Supporting members are not guaranteed a potential customer will respond to a request for contact or meet with them. It is also understood the potential customer may even find another home watch provider other than the supporting member.

  • When there are more than one supporting member within the county of an interested potential customer that has directly contacted the association, we will send this lead information to all supporting members at the same time. It is then the member’s responsibility to contact the potential customer understanding this contact is time sensitive.

Balance Refunds

If you decide at any time you no longer want to be a supporting member, the unused balance of your account will be returned within 7 days of receipt of your written request of termination. Written request can be from email, online form or U.S. mail. The refund will be pro-rated to the day the notice is received in our office.

Supporting members are required to provide continued proof of insurance and bonding just as any free member is required.

Interested in joining the Florida Home Watch Association? CLICK HERE.

Please Note: ONLY supporting members are given licensing permission to use the FHWA logo, standard members are not. If a standard member is found to be violating this licensing agreement they will be given 7 days to remove the logo. If a standard member continues to violate this licensing agreement they will be opening themselves and their business up to legal action, licensing fees, fines and permanent removal from the association.